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Coffee body polish is beneficial for people with dry, sensitive & dry skin. It is great for people with acne and people who breakout in their bodies. Coffee is great for blood circulation, blood circulation makes your cellulite and stretch marks less visible. Coffee scrub physically removes dead skin cells from your skin's surface. It also helps to nourish your skin, exfoliate the surface of your skin cells buildup, leaving you with a complexion that looks more radiant. It can be used 2-3 times a week for better results.


Grounded Arabia Coffee bean, Brown sugar, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Rosehip oil, Vitamin E, Peppermint essential oil.


Wet your skin, then massage the coffee scrub over your get rough with circulation motions, leave to dry for 5-10 minutes so that all of the nutritional ingredients can do the magic.